Coffee & Talks: great success in China

Oct 02, 2017

Coffee and Talks reaches the most important cities of China: Shanghai and Beijing. Two different sides of the same country, the first with the futuristic modernity of its skyscrapers opposed to the millenarian history of the capital.

In the past two decades, the rapid economic growth and the globalization influence led to an internationalization of consumption habits and the Chinese people drinking coffee is considerably growing. Coffee is raising a great interest, in fact, its consumption is around 30.000-40.000 tons per year and the growing rate is around 10% to 15% per year.

During the stop in Shanghai, at the headquarters of our partner Jascaffè, took part baristas and customers from all over the South of China. An exchange of views and sharing, thanks to in-depth workshops and seminars dedicated to our exclusive technologies, with a particular focus on the Digital Flow Regulation and the Grinder Control System. Among the speakers, Jason Wang – President at Jascaffè – who explained his idea of coffee shop of the future with Mina Smart Bar. The consumer is always more aware and passionate of the final product, the result will be a total customization of coffee in the cup, in terms of roasting and flow profile: only in this way it will be possible to offer the customer a unique coffee experience.

The same interest and enthusiasm were shown also in Beijing at China Barista Coffee School. The tastings, held by our coffee Pro Gordon Howell, engaged the participants with a training on the espresso machine Mina. Same coffee, different profiles, infinite possibilities: a challenge launched to the dynamic and emerging Chinese coffee community.

A success also in the Far East, where together with tea, which has a place of honor, is emerging the western tradition of the coffee ritual.

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Coffee & Talks: great success in China