#coffeepairingwithDC - anise

Jul 14, 2020

Coffee pairing is the ability to match your cup of espresso with certain foods and drinks in order to enhance the tasting experience. The aromas and the balance between acidity, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness will pair perfectly to foods you may have never thought of before.

Let’s take a single-origin Mexican coffee for example. When you think of a specialty-grade Mexican Arabica coffee, you think of a delicate body, gentle sweetness and fruitiness, and an acidic touch.  As you go higher into the mountains of Chiapas, where coffee plants grow at 1600 metres above sea level, the soil confers the plants a rounder flavour, with notes of camomile and liquorice.

An ideal pairing to go with the natural sweetness of these coffees would be foods and drinks that have been flavoured with anise: intensely aromatic, when used correctly it can impart a profound sweetness and liquorice-like flavour that mirrors the characteristics of these beans to perfection.

What other spices would complement the aromas of the beans from these particular plantations? Next week you will discover other special pairings, save the date with the #coffeepairingwithDC

#coffeepairingwithDC - anise