#coffeepairingwithDC - dark chocolate

Jun 30, 2020

What are your favourite food&coffee pairings? Coffee can be paired with many different foods or drinks that share similar flavours. Different roast types and origins will complement and even enhance the taste of both the coffee and the food.

A classic flavour pairing is with dark chocolate (70% or above), especially with dark roasts and medium-dark roasts - the dark chocolate’s intensity is beautifully supported by the coffee’s dense texture.

When pairing by origin, Brazilian coffee - particularly from the area of Sul de Minas - goes exceptionally well with this kind of chocolate, as it typically has a bittersweet aftertaste reminiscent of dark chocolate notes.

We also suggest trying dark chocolate with an Indonesian coffee, from the area of Sumatra, as the local plantations are frequently grown amongst spices that confer the beans spicy and smoky notes that complement chocolate excellently.

Have you ever tried pairing your espresso with chocolate before? Who knows, from now on this might change your coffee ritual! #coffeepairingwithDC

#coffeepairingwithDC - dark chocolate