#coffeepairingwithDC - fruit

Jul 07, 2020

Just as the sommelier matches the chef's creations with that of a particular winemaker, the barista can bring out the best in a coffee by pairing it with the right flavour.

South American beans - especially Colombian ones from the region of Hulia -  and Jamaican beans -  Blue Mountain beans above all - tend to be more acidic and have a very light mouthfeel,  thanks to their natural tones. Allowing these qualities in our espresso to enhance or mirror similar flavour notes, we would naturally recall fruit. As a result, we may even find something new in our cup, such as a raspberry base note. The higher acidity in these coffees could also balance out the texture of creamy fruit-based desserts, without overpowering their taste.

What are your favourite food and coffee combinations? Will you change your coffee habits and your food pairing choices based on this insight? #coffeepairingwithDC 

#coffeepairingwithDC - fruit