Coffeerama: luxury yacht experience

Apr 25, 2017

The sea: blue, endless and deep. Sunrays dancing on the water and leaving thousands of reflections. Seagulls chirping in the sky. The wind ruffling your hair whilst cutting its way through the waves. And while nature shows off all its magnificence, on your yacht you can have a pleasant break together with your travel companions. In your elegant cabins, sipping a coffee becomes a moment of total relax.

A twine of skillfully combined light and dark wood makes you feel the pleasure of luxury. Varnish accentuates the beauty of natural wood grain by adding value to its natural texture. A game of colors that reminds all the sea nuances, from the darkest shades of marine depths to the lightest ones of crystal clear surfaces.

Living a luxury experience through beauty.


Coffeerama: luxury yacht experience