Core technology, core power

Sep 11, 2019

Why are independent brewing groups so important to us? Because we care about coffee and we know what is best when it comes to coffee extraction.

When we came out with our multi-boiler technology, most commercial coffee machines had never considered the idea of having a separate boiler dedicated to the espresso’s extraction. Traditional coffee machines, and still some modern ones today, have just one big boiler for hot water with an isolated section inside – the so called “thermosiphon” system: cold water flows through this section and heats up running through the boiler. This process keeps water constantly circulating to the head of the group and back to the inner sections.

The coffee’s aromas, body and taste are considerably impacted by temperature fluctuation, so creating independent brewing groups isn’t just about keeping the temperature in the group under control, but thanks to our patented system it also means constantly good coffee, any given cup.

Core technology, core power