Dalla Corte and sustainability

May 28, 2020

Reducing energy consumption while maintaining high performance levels? Yes, we can. The environment is our common heritage and we want to respect it and preserve it.

In all Dalla Corte commercial espresso machines you can turn off the main boiler when not used or use one single brewing unit and turn off all the other group heads – energy impact is considerably lower, and so are operating costs.

We have also asked a third party, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, to test our professional coffee machines’ energy efficiency. When compared to the other espresso machines on the market, Dalla Corte’s commercial machines show noticeably lower energy consumption levels.

Sharing our passion for coffee, innovation, and sustainability through our espresso machines’ technology – without giving up high-performance-standards - is what we pursue in our mission to always #makeitbetter. 

Dalla Corte and sustainability