Dalla Corte at Milan Coffee Festival

Dec 05, 2023

We made a grand entrance at the Milan Coffee Festival, leaving a trail of exquisite experiences and unforgettable moments.

Our booth transformed into a haven for coffee connoisseurs seeking more than a cup - an immersive experience. Expert baristas led the way through flavors, showcasing the technologies of our revolutionary multiboiler system.

A warm grazie mille to everyone who visited, laughed, and indulged in our carefully crafted brews. Your enthusiasm was the secret ingredient that made our debut truly extraordinary.

The excitement extended beyond our booth as well. Our machines shone at La Sosta, Romera, and Costadoro's booths, adding to the festival's vibrant tapestry.

Stay tuned for more caffeinated adventures, shared moments, and the unparalleled joy of brewing brilliance with Dalla Corte. 

Dalla Corte at Milan Coffee Festival