Dalla Corte Cup Poland in Toruń

Jun 03, 2024

One of Poland's most exciting barista competitions took place on May 18 and 19: the fourth edition of the Dalla Corte Cup. Baristas from all over the country gathered in this picturesque outdoor space in Toruń to showcase their skills and vie for victory in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Saturday's day opened with the Latte Art eliminations, where competitors created spectacular and intricate designs in their coffee cups, thus preparing for an intense challenge. On Sunday, the excitement grew further with the exciting semifinals that saw the best baristas face off in a series of technical and creative tests. The ultimate prize up for grabs? The coveted Studio coffee machine, a real gem for any barista.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited Dalla Corte Cup final was postponed to June 14 due to bad weather that hit the city of Toruń just before the final round. However, coffee enthusiasts and baristas are looking forward to getting together for this highlight event!

Despite the unexpected weather change, laughter, enthusiasm, and passion for coffee filled the air, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. We are preparing to make the finals even more spectacular on June 14. Mark the date in your calendars and get ready to find out who will win the Studio coffee machine and the title of best barista of the Dalla Corte Cup 2024!

Dalla Corte Cup Poland in Toruń