Dalla Corte Cup, Warsaw

Sep 29, 2018

In Warsaw, capitol of Poland. That’s where the Dalla Corte Cup was held. An incredible day where emotions were running high. Especially under the watchful eye of the current World Barista Champion, Agnieszka Rojewska, who followed the competitors alongside our coffee pro Simone Guidi.

A competition filled with fun and incredible people, ready to prove their ability and strive to win a trip to Colombia.

A competition which encloses three of the most important challenges of the coffee industry:

A first round with a latte art competition, that saw 12 people go on to the next level, where an animated Coffee in Good Spirits challenge was waiting for them. Last but not least a flow king contest with 6 competitors. A real nail biter, through and through. But the winner of this amazing game was Pawel Koza . who truly showed his capabilities.

What a fantastic day with our partners Best CS. There to showcase the competition were two Mina and a custom wood XT.A big thank you to all participants and the amazing Best CS team.

Dalla Corte Cup, Warsaw