Dalla Corte Forge and Factory Tour

Oct 22, 2023

During our time in Italy for the internationally renowned food service and hospitality Expo, Host Milano, we were also lucky enough to spend some quality time at the Dalla Corte HQ, the Factory, and the Forge. This experience was both incredibly enjoyable, and also remarkably interesting.

To see the bars of brass be cut, melted, and then moulded into the boilers and group heads we all know and love, and then to see those same parts being assembled at the factory… was such a fascinating and educational experience.

The forge tour, which took place the day before the factory tour, was about an hour's drive outside of Milan. Seeing as we were in Italy, the day’s plan  included a five course dining and wine tasting experience, and cocktails by the lake… which somehow turned into Australians swimming in the lake.

Did we embarrass ourselves? Yes. Would we do it again? Yes.

In all seriousness, the forge and factory tour was an amazing experience. It was fascinating to see how Dalla Corte espresso machines are made, from the raw materials to the finished product. And the food and wine were simply delicious.

Dalla Corte Forge and Factory Tour