Dalla Corte, innovation pioneers

Jun 08, 2020

In Dalla Corte we can proudly call ourselves pioneers of many technologies, such as the digital flow regulation and the multiboiler. One of the things we are mostly proud of is our unceasing research towards innovation. The coffee world often happens to stagnate with technologies that have remained unchanged for many years - we want to make things different. A clear example of this is portafilter size and its flexibility.

Since 1945 the standard portafilter size has been the 58mm, before Bruno Dalla Corte studied a measure to extract the perfect single shot for a traditional espresso. Today, our 58mm kit allows you to have different group diameters on the very same commercial espresso machines, something never seen before.

But we did not stop there, we wanted to nurture passion for coffee all over the world, giving the barista the opportunity to experiment and play with his espresso shots. So we came up with 5 different basket sizes we provide with every one of our professional coffee machines: 24mm, 26mm (standard), 28mm, 30mm and 32mm.

Total freedom to learn more about coffee every day, as you keep experimenting and creating your best espressos, is what keeps us always giving our best #makeitbetter

Dalla Corte, innovation pioneers