Dalla Corte is by your side for re-opening

May 14, 2020

Dalla Corte is always close to customers, also during this particular time.

As we are all getting closer to full re-opening, here are some practical precautions for restarting your commercial espresso machine after a long time of inactivity. 

Water supply

After being shut down for a long time, in the water there can develop potentially harmful colonies of bacteria. So firstly, you will need to ask a professional to sanitize your water supply system.

Water softener

You can disinfect the water softener resin tank yourself by doing a couple of regeneration cycles with sanitized salt and, obviously, replacing the filter. At this point, you can open the water supply tap.

Espresso Machine

The next step will be switching on your espresso machine and wait for it to reach extraction parameters. Considering that the boiler has been emptied over two months ago, you will need between 10 to 20 litres of water to flow through and at least 2 litres of water through each group head.

The next steps are simple rules you already apply regularly: clean the group heads of your professional coffee machine by using a blind portafilter basket and a professional cleaning tab; submerge the filters, portafilters and shower screens for about 20 minutes in an appropriate water solution and then rinse thoroughly; clean the steam wand, upper and lower tray and all exterior surfaces with sanitized products.


Remove the coffee beans from the hopper and clean as usual. Make sure that the hopper is completely dry to avoid altering the composition of the beans, and eventually, the taste of your coffee. Put the hopper back in place and proceed with grinding leftover coffee and vacuum the residue inside.


We don’t know what situation is ahead of us, but we will face it with the same strength and determination we’ve had until now, by always doing our best together #makeitbetter.

Useful information:

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Dalla Corte is by your side for re-opening