Dalla Corte’s Cool Touch Steam Wand

Jun 16, 2020

Dalla Corte’s Cool Touch Steam Wand allows you to take centre stage when performing your amazing Latte Art skills and forget about accidental burns.

Thanks to an isolating tube between a double wall of stainless steel, the Cool Touch Steam Wand - which you have already had the opportunity to try on commercial espresso machines XT and EVO2 - will avoid potentially getting burnt.

We just had to bring this amazing technology onto Zero, our upcoming new specialty coffee machine. Zero’s steam wands have an eye-catching design that required a specific solution to make sure the wand wasn’t going to warm up too much, while still performing at the same excellent levels of a traditional steam wand and other Dalla Corte’s Cool Touch steam wands. The solution was found in a special silicone membrane placed inside the steam wand, a new version of the Cool Touch Steam Wand that will be installed on the Zero Barista series. Because the best can’t be optional.

In Dalla Corte we like finding solutions that will make life easier for you. Our Cool Touch Steam Wand is more than just a regular Steam Wand because your safety comes first. #makeitbetter

Dalla Corte’s Cool Touch Steam Wand