Dalla Corte Zero wins the 2021 iF Design award

Apr 23, 2021

Rated among the products that best reflect current consumer trends - also considering fundamental elements such as a focus on sustainability and the reduction of energy use - Zero has been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2021. Zero's final project was born from an in-depth research conducted on an international scale together with Emo Design - an Italian design studio - which developed the product by carefully interpreting the brand’s values ​​and consumers’ needs.

Every year, iF Design awards outstanding design, as well as its relevance for business and everyday life by assigning one of the most important seals of quality in the world. Since 1953, the iF label is a reliable sign of excellence and quality for both consumers and the design community.

"The project carried out for Dalla Corte is certainly one of the most complex we have faced, both for the skills and for the depth of our intervention." – say on their website Lukasz Bertoli and Francesco Fornasier, Zero’s designers - "The result of a truly fruitful collaboration with the company and above all with the Dalla Corte family (now in its third generation) who continue to innovate this sector on a daily basis."

Zero is a professional espresso machine "by baristas, for baristas", designed to become part of the so-called fourth coffee wave and allow coffee shops that serve specialty coffee to enter into a "zerolimits" dimension. With Zero, users can let go all their creativity without limits, extracting the best from every coffee bean. The latest arrival in Dalla Corte reflects the current trends in an increasingly global market, focusing on the requirements of end users, not only from a technological and extraction point of view, but also in the product’s meticulous design. A coveted international award that comes immediately after the “Innovation Award of the Year” promoted by the Italian trade magazine Bargiornale.

At Dalla Corte, coffee is a passion that has been passed on for three generations now. To make the perfect cup of espresso, Dalla Corte offers everyone the opportunity to express themselves every day with Zero limits. Zero rules. Zero compromises.

Dalla Corte was started in 2001 by Bruno, Paolo, and Elsa Dalla Corte, a family of coffee enthusiasts who have worked with espresso machines since the 1940s. Inventors of the exclusive multi-boiler technology, Dalla Corte profoundly changed a market that up to that moment had been static, shifting the focus on the importance of temperature in extraction by creating a way for espresso machines to provide a constant temperature that's precise to one-tenth of a degree. Always promoters of creativity and training, they have sponsored the Coffee in Good Spirits Championship and the World Latte Art Championship for 8 years.

The new Zero is the natural evolution of a company that makes innovation, design, learning and sustainability an integral part of its mission.

Dalla Corte Zero wins the 2021 iF Design award