DC Australia Travel Log: FABB AOC

Dec 01, 2022

Last night we had the immense pleasure of attending a dinner hosted by FABB AOC here in Bangkok. 

From the 1st  - 10th of December FABB is hosting a Coffee Fair, featuring workshops and demonstrations by coffee professionals, including our own Tristan Creswick.

To launch this event, a dinner was held at FABB by its owner, Ms. Love.

We were greeted by attentive staff and served wine immediately upon entry. Already we were off to a great start.

Tables in the dining area had been set and candles lit. Turgay Yildzli, the 2013 WCE World Cezve/Ibrik Champion, was giving a demonstration at the coffee bar to the rapt attention of a group of smartly dressed men and women.

The elegant atmosphere wasn’t a surprise. FABB’s ground floor dining space is always resplendent with fresh floral bouquets and a sparklingly clean coffee bar, but the addition of live music, free-flowing wine, and an abundance of food made the evening stand out as even more sophisticated than usual.

After meeting several new faces, drinking perhaps a few too many glasses of red wine, and eating certainly too much food, we finished our dinner in the Italian way..  with cups of espresso lovingly made on a Dalla Corte Zero. 

DC Australia Travel Log: FABB AOC