DC Australia Travel Log: Roots and F.I.X.

Nov 29, 2022

Work trips can be a delightful opportunity to draw close to your colleagues, experience new cultures, and learn from an alternate perspective. All reasons why I jumped at the chance to join Dalla Corte’s Business Development Director for Australasia, Tristan Creswick, on his trip to Bangkok. Two coffee events are being held in Bangkok this week, both requiring the presence of Dalla Corte, and Dalla Corte has arrived.

Also on this journey are members of the Italian team - Marco the Technician and Gio, Head of Marketing. We’re just one getaway driver short of being from a terrible heist film… though I’m told Marco is actually quite adept behind the wheel. 

Our first day in Bangkok was dedicated to experiencing Dalla Corte machines in action. We hopped from one cafe to another, sampling espresso at every stop. The famous Roots x Uniqlo pop-up was not missed and further attention at the “Design your own T-Shirt” kiosk may be needed. Our time visiting F.I.X. Coffee was warm, welcoming, and … serendipitous, Marco being on site at just the right moment to provide a fine-tune to their XT.  

One trend that has jumped out to me, due to its popularity and availability both at Roots and F.I.X. (and most other cafes we passed by), was the citrus juice and coffee combination. There are variations, some with orange and others with yuzu, some featuring espresso and others cold brew, there are even carbonated varieties. I had the opportunity, during a previous trip to Thailand, to taste a carbonated yuzu and espresso iced beverage and found it to be delightful and refreshing. I’m not surprised the combination is so popular, given the Thai heat, and wonder if it will ever catch on in sunny Queensland.

DC Australia Travel Log: Roots and F.I.X.