DC Australia Travel Log: Roots Training and FABB's Coffee Fair 22'

Dec 06, 2022

Two events needed our attention during our trip in Bangkok. The first (chronologically) being a staff-training event for Roots Coffee, the second being a coffee lecture and demonstration for FABB Academy of Coffee’s Coffee Fair 22’.

On Thursday the 1st of December, the Roots staff gathered together at their HQ to listen to a short presentation explaining the technological evolution of espresso machines, Dalla Corte’s place in espresso machine innovation, and how the DC technology works.

Following this short lecture, everyone was ushered into the Roots Cafe at Thonglor where a Dalla Corte Mina, XT, and Zero were set up and waiting with Marco, our Italian technician.

The machines were opened up, their inner workings explored, and their functions demonstrated. Questions were asked and answered, and the entire procedure captured and held the attention, not only of the staff from Roots, but of several onlookers as well. 

All-in-all it was a very successful event. 

- The next morning we headed over to FABB Academy of Coffee. -

FABB Academy of Coffee, a Dalla Corte partner, is putting on their annual coffee fair from the 1st to 10th of December, and has engaged a number of speakers during this event, including our own Tristan Creswick.

Tristan spent the morning speaking on the Espresso Revolution, from the first mentions of espresso in historical texts to its booming popularity in the last century, and what we hope to see in the future of coffee.

After a lively Q&A had finished, Tristan and his audience went to the coffee bar on the ground floor of FABB, and enjoyed several coffee tastings. By using ZERO’s patented technology, Tristan was able to illustrate the changes in flavour and mouthfeel that are possible for a barista to achieve given more control over variables like temperature, pressure, and flow.

The FABB AOC event wrapped up a little behind schedule, given the amount of interest during the Q&A session, but it left a pleasant taste in our mouths.

Friday’s venture over, it was time to wrap up our work trip in Bangkok with a foot massage and some excellent local food. 

DC Australia Travel Log: Roots Training and FABB's Coffee Fair 22'