DC Campus Goes to Colombia

Feb 18, 2019

In Dalla Corte, we are never tired of talking about coffee and for this reason we have planned a trip to an origin country, specifically Colombia with our local partner Caffè Quindío. A chance of lifetime where you will be the protagonist with the chance to learn about coffee in all its forms: from plant to seed. This trip is for true coffee lovers and for people who want to experience coffee in all its glory.

The day by day schedule:

• Day 1. Monday, May 6th - Arrival in Armenia

• Day 2. Tuesday May 7th – Introduction to coffee and picking experience

• Day 3. Wednesday May 8th - Dry milling and roasting processes

• Day 4. Thursday May 9th - Visit to high altitude plantations and villages

• Day 5. Friday May 10th – Visit to Cocora Valley and Salento

• Day 6. Saturday May 11th – Journey back home

Day 1 - Monday 6th of May: Arrival in Armenia, Quindío Region

The first days starts off with our arrival in Bogotà where a plane that leaves every hour will take us to the city of Armenia in the region of Quindio. A transfer shuttle will then bring us to the beautiful Hotel Mocawa Resort, which is only a short 10 minutes away.

Day 2 – Tuesday 7th of May: picking experience

A day dedicated to understand all of the all the first stages that coffee undergoes, from the seeding to the drying we will be right in the plantation alongside the local picadors. Here are some of the few activities of the day:

• Seeding

• Germination

• Planting

• Picking

• Depulping

• Honey Washing

• Drying

Day 3 – Wednesday 8th of May: green coffee selection, roasting and tasting sessions

On the third day we will be visiting the Caravela company, where we will get the chance to experience what real coffee buyer does by learning the art of quality assessment, the definition of price, negotiation, and we will see how the process that green coffee undergoes: its arrival, separation of the film (Deparchment), selection by gravity, by shape and by colour and finally shipping. We will then go see Café Quindío’s Roastery and Hazar Roastery, which specializes in extremely high-quality coffee. Lastly, an incredible cupping session in Cafe Quindío’s tasting department.

Day 4 – Thursday 9th of May: visit to the mountain plantation in Salento (dry milling, roasting and cupping)

The visit to the mountain plantations near the village of Salento will take your breath away, with the incredible landscapes. The plantations are carved out of steep slopes in the Colombian Andes, a truly spectacular scene. Then we will stop by the characteristic Colombian-style villages of Cordoba, Pijao and Buena Vista where we can enjoy some delicious coffee in the quaint local coffee shops, each one with its own exclusive selection of coffees.

Day 5 – Friday 10th of May: visit to the Cocora Valley nature reserve and the village of Philanda

Lastly a unique experience that will make you feel at one with nature with a guided horse excursion (or on foot) on the Andes’ slopes. A moment to admire the very high mountain palms and if you’re lucky Condors, birds of prey which is typical to the area. To finish the trip off a visit to the characteristic village of Salento and dinner in the village of Philanda.

Day 6 – Saturday 11th of May: journey home

Shuttle bus will take you to Bogotà airport where we will each depart for our different destinations.

Should you need any further information on the price of the trip or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

DC Campus Goes to Colombia