DC One, only the best for our machines

Jun 28, 2021

Our machines required the best grinder possible to take full advantage of their brewing technology. So we made one: DC One was designed to be the first of its kind, a powerful and efficient grinder on demand that leverages technology to improve your espresso.

With an output of 4g/s (grams per second), thanks to DC One’s 65mm flat burrs and powerful 500W motor, it only takes a few seconds to prepare a shot for brewing. With a set of sensors to detect if your portafilter has one or two spouts, DC One will automatically dose for a single or double shot. You can also enter in "Competition mode" for manual grinding and dosing, as needed.

Dressed for success, DC One has an assortment of panels and materials to match every style of the Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine ranges. #makeitbetter

DC One, only the best for our machines