DC prepares for World of Coffee Copenhagen

Jun 17, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Specialty Coffee Association's World of Coffee event in Copenhagen, scheduled for June 27-29. This event is an unmissable opportunity for us to connect with the global coffee community and showcase our latest cutting-edge technologies.

One of the most eagerly anticipated innovations at the event will be the Zero Plus espresso machine, which premiered at HostMilano 2023. This revolutionary machine features patented technology to regulate water flow during espresso extraction, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistency. Visitors will have the chance to taste the excellence of the Zero Plus, guided by Dalla Corte's expert baristas.

In addition to our passion for coffee, Dalla Corte is committed to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Our PlaNet project will be a key focus of discussions at the event, showcasing our contributions to a better world through sustainable practices and innovations.

Mark your calendars for June 27-29 and join us in Copenhagen. Follow us on all official social channels for the latest updates and news. We look forward to seeing you there!

DC prepares for World of Coffee Copenhagen