DC shines at other booths as well!

Jan 20, 2020

We’re having a great time at this year’s Sigep! This Coffee, Gelato and Pastry Exhibition is giving us so much! We love showing off our machines at the booth, but our commercial espresso machines shine at other booths as well!

Check out professional coffee machine Dalla Corte Mina at Lantmännen, excellent flow profiling to play with different coffee profiles and pull some pretty great shots of espresso.

The gleaming bright red Studio is really eye-catching at Assocoffee’s booth, what a captivating choice!

XT is the perfect machine to pull multiple shots for a very busy booth, that’s why so many have chosen to rely on XT, such as La Sosta, Imperator, Alternative, La Forgia and Costadoro.

We’ll be at booth 149 Pav. D1 with XT, XT Classic,Studio and Zero, come and discover our machines!

DC shines at other booths as well!