dc system: control and quality solutions

Jan 25, 2017

The dc system was projected for the need to improve the use of tools from all the users involved in the coffee world. We are talking about big chains and coffee shops where the turnover is very high and needs useful and practical solutions for everyday working routines. The aim by Dalla Corte is to guarantee a high quality service, always assuring with exclusive technologies (GCS, OCS, MCS) optimum espressos, milk-based drinks and online parameters control.

The Grinder Control System (GCS) is an incredible innovative system, which thanks to a serial connection between machine and grinder, allows them to “talk”. In this way, coffee variables such as temperature, humidity, climate very difficult to control, are automatically corrected, and the grind point is changed, ensuring a perfect coffee powder. A simple and intuitive technology, which guarantees, in each moment of the day, the highest quality of the product, ready to release its aromas, without compromising the success of the drink.Create cappuccinos and milk-based drinks is always a challenge for baristas.

With the Milk Control System (MCS) it is possible to obtain an optimum foam by simply pushing a button. The system uses a temperature probe, which automatically stops the steam when milk achieves the best result set.

The Online Control System (OCS) is a special software especially developed to monitor and visualize by remote the management of all the parameters of Dalla Corte espresso machines. An accurate analysis of consumes and uses allows a precise overview on the machine. Many are the advantages of this system. Starting from energy saving, thanks to the separate management of independent groups, with the possibility to manage them individually, turning them off when rush hour are over. The technical management is improved; the control on the machine cleaning status reduces costs on technical assistance services, given the real possibility to program maintenance work. Moreover, it is possible to verify the consistency of the programmed doses on the machine, so all your stores will be serving the same quantity and quality of coffee.