Discover Sigep's machines!

Jan 13, 2020

At this year’s Sigep, from the 18th to the 22nd of January in Riminifiera, we are ready to showoff the new Zero, a few months before its official launch in September 2020, alongside home-machine Studio, XT and XT Classic.

Zero has been receiving a lot of attention since its pre-launch last Autumn. Designed by baristas for baristas, it encloses the need for extreme precision, consistency and reliability of the specialty coffee market, and not only. Equipped with the multiboiler technology (the original, now in a 0.75 lt group) and the patented Digital Flow Regulation, it allows operators to check any extraction stage through the user-friendly digital touchscreens.

XT Classic is another recent release by Dalla Corte: equipped with six programmable buttons for each group, this machine is ideal for coffee shops and chains where, with many coffee-based beverages, it’s necessary to set the espresso machine for different doses and preparations.

The XT has an incredible flow-control, thanks to a precise manual regulator, and it’s equipped with an Integrated Real Time Weighing System, which ensures precise control of the coffee’s weight in the cup during extraction. This extreme control over extraction makes it easier to find the coffee’s sweet spot, the ideal extraction point, and replicate it any given cup.

The Studio professional espresso machine is designed to fit in your kitchen, office or even you own studio apartment! Small, compact and full of Dalla Corte technology, it can give you the caffeine dose you wish for in your favorite coffee corner: yours. With Studio’s professional steam wand, you can prepare cappuccinos and train yourself following the latest latte art techniques, becoming a true home-barista.

Every day, we’re hosting a variety of free workshops using our machines, with extractions, brewing, latte art, coffee tastings with different flows and profiles: take this opportunity to trial our machines! Come to Sigep, we’ll be waiting for you at booth 149 Pavillon D1,

Discover Sigep's machines!