Discover the flow meter!

Oct 10, 2019

Imagine you are in your coffee shop and that by using the same coffee beans, you can extract uncountable different coffee cups: with our professional espresso coffee machine Dalla Corte XT, you can choose different flow profiles for each of three groups, to enhance different aromas and characteristics of the same grounded coffee.

The video “The #Perfectshot - XT's Flow Profile” shows how by turning the designated key, you can set grams per second on each group. Adjust, manage and create! This will allow the barista to create infinite recipes to please any palate and preference.

Before each extraction, the barista can choose to set the grams with extreme precision, by dialing in the flow profile on each groups’ screen. Thanks to the exclusive flow meter, patented by Dalla Corte, once it’s been set, the extraction remains constant in any given cup. Now we’re ready to #makeitbetter!

Discover the flow meter!