Discovering CIGS with Marco Poidomani

Mar 08, 2017

Marco Poidomani, SCA trainer and manager at Moak People Training, is the Italian Coffee In Good Spirits Champion at Sigep 2017. Let’s discover the techniques and secrets of this discipline with him.

1. What do you think about our dc pro?
It is very easy to use and have a different aromas in the cup, thanks to groups thermal stability, is extremely facilitating.

2. Coffee In Good Spirits’ ABC’s: bases and tools
Coffee In Good Spirits is, for sure, my favourite competition, because I can mix my barista and bartender skills together. The competition includes three steps: the first one is the “Spirit Bar”. Participants are given a sort of mystery box and they have 6 minutes to prepare two identical drinks by mixing coffee and the products available, without using an espresso machine.The second step is the semifinal: four coffee-based drinks, two cold and two warm, have to be prepared in 10 minutes.The last step is the final: participants have 10 minutes to create two Irish coffees and two identical alcoholic drinks, warm or cold, using their coffee.

3 The importance of flavour combination 
Mixing flavours is an art that you can learn by studying raw materials, following educational courses and, for sure, by tasting. To face the competition, it is important to know the product very deeply, as well as mixology techniques. Besides, the coffee used is very important for the extraction, too.

4. Creativity and chemistry: heart and brain
I usually need from 6 to 12 months to develop the project concept for the competition. It is a hard work, during which I change and redesign my cocktails many times. The last three months are the crucial ones: I select my coffee and “build up” my drinks. Obviously, constant training is fundamental when you aim to win.

5. A combination of looks and taste
I spend much time looking for and selecting glasses, tools and competition instruments. I’m obsessed with details: everything must be coordinated and aesthetically captivating. Each tool, in addition to its functionality, has its history and can convey emotions. That’s why, wherever I go, I can’t resist visiting local street markets.

Discovering CIGS with Marco Poidomani