Double the fun with DC Two grinder on demand!

Jun 30, 2021

We needed exceptional grinding performance for our commercial espresso machines, so we created DC One.  For high volume environments where one grinder isn’t enough, we created our double grinder - the DC Two!

DC Two doubles the benefits of the DC One, offering two independent hoppers, each with their own programmable dosing and grind settings.

Custom engineered 65mm burrs, two 500 W motors, and grind adjustment within 0.01mm make DC Two the ideal solution for any coffee shop that requires intense speed and precision when it comes to grinding. And using the Grinder Control System (GCS), each hopper can be tethered to a group on your Dalla Corte espresso machine and the burrs will automatically self-adjust to maintain consistent extractions throughout the workday.

Double the fun with DC Two! #makeitbetter

Double the fun with DC Two grinder on demand!