Efforts in Environmental Responsibility

Feb 23, 2023

Before the dawn of his company, from the very first innovation of steam circulation technology that Bruno Dalla Corte devised when he worked on LaSpaziale, the driving force behind the name Dalla Corte has been to “make it better”. 

This aim has been the fuel that burned the fire behind our innovations, our firsts: the multi-boiler technology, the lead-free alloy we use in our machines, and digital flow regulation. It’s our desire to be better that has led us to where we are.

Part of being better is recognising areas where we can grow, change, and improve ourselves. The effort to reduce negative environmental impacts has to be global to be effective, and we are striving to take steps that will ensure we are doing our part to make the world a safe place to live for future generations.

As a part of our effort to be socially and environmentally responsible, we have created PlaNet, Dalla Corte’s sustainability and social responsibility plan. This project started in 2020, when we began measuring the carbon footprint of our primary products, in compliance with ISO standards. After extensive work, measuring and offsetting the carbon footprint of the Dalla Corte Zero and XT models, these espresso machines are now “Carbon Neutral”. The production processes have been offset with carbon credits for the Ntakata Mountains program.

We have also made completely sustainable packaging for our multigroup machines and coffee grinders, from the iconic DC wooden case to the preformed interiors, as well as entrust a third party - the IMQ Italian Institute of Quality Mark - with the verification of our espresso machines’ energy consumption.

With PlaNet, Dalla Corte intends to put even more importance on environmental responsibility  by showing what we have already done, what we are doing, and what we will do in the future in response to the call for urgent action to safeguard our planet.

Efforts in Environmental Responsibility