Energy-efficient products for a better PlaNet

Dec 21, 2022

Saving energy is an important part of sustainability: Dalla Corte was the first company to entrust a third party - the IMQ Italian Institute of Quality Mark - with the verification of our espresso machines’ energy consumption, also making the results available on responsibility.

In 2018 we completed these tests with even greater precision by relying on TÜV Rheinland, world leader in third-party certification and inspection services.

Our goal – which we share with the Ucimac group - is creating a working table to make a testing protocol that can lead to a univocal international energy classification, recognized by all manufacturers, which accurately indicates consumption and performance of espresso machines.

There is also the multi-boiler technology, which allows to switch off unused groups or the main boiler out of busy hours. On DC machines you can also put groups and boiler in " Safety Mode”; by activating this function, the machine’s temperature drops between 60 and 80 degrees, decreasing heat dispersion and resetting pressure. This allows to have your machine ready in just a few minutes and save energy.

Energy-efficient products for a better PlaNet