Energy saving is on our priority list!

Sep 25, 2019

Reducing energy consumption is good for you and for the environment! We’ve tested all our professional espresso machines’ energy efficiency and have requested a third party, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, to assess our results.

 The tests were carried out by the IMQ on Dalla Corte commercial coffee machines from the Evolution series (2, 3 and 4 groups). The machines were placed on a table distant from walls on all sides, groups full and portafilters in place. Energy use was measured in the conditions where the machines could, in any moment, carry out their main function (coffee extraction). Therefore, the following data refer to the boiler’s heating elements operating in stand-by mode for 24 hours.

2 groups machine: 7.8908 kWh

3 groups machine: 11.3014 kWh

4 groups machine: 13.095 kWh

When compared to professional coffee machines with “traditional” systems, these data show a considerably lower energy consumption. We are proud to share our passion through our espresso machines’ technology.

Energy saving is on our priority list!