exceptional, always

Sep 27, 2018

A few intense days of fun and work, that we passed in between Lake Orta and Milan for our annual Partners Meeting. During the first day, after having met at the headquarters, we updated our partners on our S3econd Channce project with a visit to Milan’s penitentiary and our new place.

After the first stop in Milan we went to this year’s partners meeting hotel San Rocco in Orta San Giulio location, on the magnificent Orta Lake, among the most amazing classic villas and atmosphere.

The second day started off with a small presentation and then straight in with a workshop session our XT to always stay up to date with the latest dc technology. Not only hard work, we also finished the day off with a wine tasting experience and wine tour, in an authentic Italian winery at Villa Francoli.The last day comprised of a visit to a part of the Dalla Corte story our filter and portafilter moulding factory.A big thank you to all for their hard work and dedication.

Now it’s time to get back to work and #MakeItBetter

exceptional, always