Flat White vs Cappuccino

Jan 19, 2021

Flat White vs Cappuccino - which one is your favourite?

And no, they are not “basically the same thing”.

There are many different opinions on the origins of flat whites, on the exact amount of cream, on the size of the cup in which they should be served, and so on. The main difference between flat whites and cappuccinos is in the milk’s texture and in the amount of espresso for the base of the drink.

Flat whites have barely any microfoam, the steamed milk remains more liquid and it doesn’t have that velvety creaminess you get with the foam. Cappuccinos, on the other hand, are all about the foam: it must be creamy and compact, with a fine texture and a shiny surface.

Espresso, foam and milk ratio has always been a topic of discussion among coffee lovers - because of their very thin layer of microfoam, flat whites are a favourite among latte artists who usually use a double shot of espresso to give a stronger taste and contrast on the surface.

Cappuccinos and Flat Whites have always had admirers and detractors: which one do you like best? #makeitbetter

Flat White vs Cappuccino