Fresh and impeccable espressos, thanks to DC’s technology

Sep 16, 2020

How many grinders can you connect through the GCS?

The Grinder Control System allows you to connect up to three DC One grinders and one DC Two to our professional coffee machines - the smartest way to handle multiple coffee selections to serve in your shop, always fresh and impeccable thanks to DC’s technology.

A serial cable connection will allow your commercial espresso machine to automatically adjust the grinder’s parameters throughout the day, ensuring perfect espressos morning till evening. The GCS technology identifies potential errors in grinding, automatically corrects grind-size, and perfectly extracts your espressos.

Now that you have more time to dedicate to customers and a wider range of coffee options, what are you going to choose? Different single-origin selections? Or are you going to dedicate a spot to the house blend or maybe offer a decaf option?

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Fresh and impeccable espressos, thanks to DC’s technology