GCS: grind like a pro, effortlessly

Jul 24, 2023

Grind like a pro, effortlessly: GCS, your intelligent solution for consistent espresso extraction.

Developed hand in hand with the DC One and DC Two coffee grinders, the GCS is here to revolutionize he way consistency and repeatability are maintained during every extraction. 

The grinder receives real-time information from your Dalla Corte machine, allowing it to adapt intelligently to each group-head's extractions. 

And with the double grinder DC Two, you have the power to assign specific hoppers to individual groups, giving you precise control over every single extraction. 

If your extractions happen to deviate from your programmed settings (at least twice out of 5 extractions, or 3 times out of 10), the grinder will automatically adjust the burrs' distance and grinding time. 

No more wasting time, coffee, and money! Once you dial in your ideal grind in the morning, our smart grinder will take care of the rest, continuously self-adjusting throughout the barista's entire workday. 

Boost your productivity and unlock consistency, with the Dalla Corte Grinder Control System.

GCS: grind like a pro, effortlessly