GCS - Grinder Control System

May 04, 2020

The GCS - Grinder Control System - is Dalla Corte’s electronic solution to maintain the best quality of coffee throughout the day and have more time to dedicate to your customers.

Humidity and temperature-shifts during the day affect the coffee beans in the grinder, making them softer or more brittle. If we were to use the exact same extraction parameters when making coffee in the morning, the midday and in the afternoon, alterations would affect the taste and the aromas in your cup.

The GCS connects the Dalla Corte DC One and DC Two grinders to our commercial espresso machines. The grinders automatically change their grinding point when the machine detects the slightest difference in extraction. The GCS can be used on up to three grinders at the same time, giving you the opportunity to offer three different coffee varieties with an ideal grind, ensuring an always perfect espresso. 

GCS - Grinder Control System