Gourmet Food Festival 2019 with Sca Italy

Nov 25, 2019

The Gourmet Food Festival 2019, an annual fair dedicated food and beverage excellency, has seen us as main characters, with Sca Italy, from the 22nd to the 24th of November. This festival gives visitors and professionals the opportunity to discover new delicacies, while narrating the relationship between food and territory.

At our booth we’ve organized a variety of surprising activities to directly involve you during the whole event. We held many blind tastings on our two XT professional espresso machines: were you able to tell which was a specialty coffee and which was a more commercial brand? Each tasting was carefully analyzed with expert Sca trainers, to give a full picture of the quality of coffee and show how important the whole coffee supply chain is.

Also our one-group espresso machine Mina played a leading role: the latte-art world champion Manuela Fensore has amazed us with her intricate decorations, the champion Francesco Corona held a workshop on the theme “coffee in good spirits”, and lastly, also Giuseppe Musiu and Andrea Antonelli of Pulycaff have worked on our machine.

Dalla Corte keeps bringing coffee education around Italy and the world, thank you for living another coffee event with us!

Gourmet Food Festival 2019 with Sca Italy