Homebrewed Perfection: Elevating Your Coffee Experience with the Studio

Jun 12, 2023

Experience the joy of a professional espresso right in the comfort of your own space with the remarkable #DallaCorteStudio.

Small and compact, Studio still embodies all the technology of a multigroup DC:

  • With its independent boiler and brewing units, Studio ensures precise temperature control, allowing you to extract the perfect shot every time.

  • The professional steam wand provides the ideal amount of froth and texture to create creamy, velvety milk for your lattes and cappuccinos.

  • Equipped with a 5.8kg brass group, Studio minimizes heat loss and ensures consistent water temperature for optimal extraction and flavor.

Studio has become the preferred choice for small restaurants, businesses, and offices, thanks to its practical size and exceptional performance. But it's not just commercial spaces that have embraced Studio; home-baristas seeking café-quality espresso in their own kitchen have also fallen in love with its capabilities. 

Say goodbye to compromising on the quality of your coffee. With #DallaCorteStudio, you can savor a professional-grade espresso wherever you desire – be it your cozy home or your bustling workplace. Elevate your coffee experience and indulge in the art of espresso brewing with Studio by your side. ☕️✨

Homebrewed Perfection: Elevating Your Coffee Experience with the Studio