Host 2019: passion, discovery, and a lot of coffee!

Nov 05, 2019

Passion, enthusiasm, discovery, encounters and a lot of coffee. All of this has been Host2019!

Host is the largest exhibition in the hospitality industry, what a great opportunity to launch our new commercial espresso machine, Zero.

This year's booth was inspired by Dalla Corte’s new “era”, with the claim linked to our newest machine: “It all begins with Zero”. Different areas with different moods which charmingly lay between past and future, a Zero total black and a Zerowalnut in first line, surrounded by the sketches of the designers that created the outline of DC’s latest arrival.

With exclusive tasting sessions and personalized extractions, the Dalla Corte barista and CoffeePro Team has taken our visitors on a journey to discover the best countries of origin of the highest qualities of coffees from the specialty coffee world.

In two years’ time, we count on surprising you even more: topping this year’s Host won’t be easy, but we’re sure we can make it, because here in Dalla Corte we always want to #makeitbetter.

Host 2019: passion, discovery, and a lot of coffee!