“How I Met Your Coffee” by # coffeeboom2021

Sep 24, 2021

“How I Met Your Coffee” by # coffeeboom2021, let your passion for coffee explode!

Next Friday, October 1st, join us in Officina Dalla Corte to talk all things coffee, share what we know about the specialty coffee world, and – most of all - drink delicious shots of espresso.

Together with Mariano Semino and Andrea Lattuada, SCA trainers of 9bar, we will open the doors of Officina to the public for a full agenda packed with coffee-education activities and show you what there really is behind coffee myths, from the fruit (that's right, coffee is a fruit!) to the cup.

Don’t miss it, we’ll be waiting for you!

“How I Met Your Coffee” by # coffeeboom2021