How to clean your Zero and save energy!

Oct 27, 2022

Keep your Zero clean and we'll tell you how to save on energy costs!

Cleaning the espresso machine is an essential step in a barista's routine, which is why we’ve made it fast and easy: 1. use a blind filter and a specific detergent tablet 2. Start the automatic program and wait for the group’s front buttons to stop blinking 3. Two minutes are over and cleaning is complete!

Zero also makes saving energy easy! When your coffeeshop isn’t in its busiest hours, you can use just one brewing unit and switch off the other ones, including the main boiler. Energy impact is considerably lower, and so are the operating costs.

The independent boiler technology also allows you to keep serving coffee in case of malfunction of the main boiler or one of the groups - a considerable advantage, since with traditional machines you couldn’t use the machine ‘til the technician comes.

Find out more by watching the video!

How to clean your Zero and save energy!