Icon - The Machine of the Future

Mar 28, 2023

Today’s barista is facing high volumes of urgent customers in long queues - not altogether unheard of in times past - but the difference between today’s consumer and the previous generation of coffee lovers is that, generally speaking, expectations are higher. 

Modern coffee aficionados have far more resources and coffee education than in previous generations. Standards are higher, demand is higher, expectations for social and environmental responsibility are higher (as they should be), and all of this pressure can really add up, sitting heavily on the shoulders of the barista (who is seldom the owner of the cafe where they work). Baristas face hoards of pre-caffeinated people, the scariest kind, and they do it all with a pep in their *caffeinated* step.

Thankfully, with modern problems comes modern solutions.

Technology has advanced beyond what our forefathers had ever dreamed of, and it’s the little conveniences that make the biggest difference in our day-to-day lives.

One of the key fundamentals of being successful is knowing when to delegate tasks. Enter: Icon - fitted with modern technology specifically designed for today’s barista - encased in a futuristic design.

Thanks to the DC system available with the ICON, your espresso machine, grinder, and milk wand can network - shaving time, stress, and effort from a barista’s routine.

The DC system features three elements, the GCS, the MCS and the OCS.

The GCS connects the grinder’s automatic regulation to your espresso machine, making calibration that much faster and easier for the barista.

The MCS takes the need for a barista’s attention away from steaming milk, automatically stopping when the milk temperature is just right, meaning your barista doesn't have to have eyes in two places at once.

And the OCS gives data, statistics, and control to the owner of the Espresso Machine remotely, meaning if production is inconsistent, if your espresso bar is under or over staffed, if your machine needs to be serviced… you will know from wherever you are - and you as the owner, can solve problems in real time, rather than your staff.

Icon’s modern geometrical design was created to reflect its technological advancement. It is captivating and bold with materials and colours that can be modified to suit a cafe’s interior decor.

In fact, the Dalla Corte Icon was recently recognized with the GOOD DESIGN® Award 2022, an industrial design award assigned by the Chicago Athenaeum: a private Museum of Architecture and Design promoted by the European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

Icon - The Machine of the Future