Independent groups, endless possibilities

Feb 27, 2017

When Dalla Corte introduced the multiboiler technology on the market, was thinking exactly to this: offer to baristas from all over the world, high quality coffee lovers, the possibility to obtain the best from each single-origin. Each coffee has its own personality, as you have your rituals and habits. Using our exclusive multiboiler technology, you can experiment different aromas. You have to try to find the ideal temperature, identifying the sweet spot. We did a series of taste tests to show you how temperature affects the result in the cup.

The coffees we used come from the hot lands of middle-south America and, remind with their flavours, chocolate and dried fruit:

Bahia (Brazil) 100% arabica, washed and Las Capucas (Honduras), 100% arabica, natural

With the Brazilian coffee, we set the initial temperature at 92°C, with 15 grams of coffee powder in the portafilter, extracted in 21 seconds. The aromas were of wood, licorice, toasted bread with a slight astringency. Lowering the temperature by 2°C at a time resulted in no astringency and increased sweetness, with more balanced aromas including notes of almond, dried fruit and a caramel aftertaste. Changing the temperature led to a round and medium sweet body.

With the Honduran coffee, we started with a temperature at 88°C. The notes perceived were cocoa and white chocolate. Increasing the temperature by 2°C produced an intense aroma of canella, which prevailed on the other notes in the cup. Coffee had a rounder consistency compared to that obtained with lower temperatures. At 94°C, the cup completely lost its sweet flavours, and gained citrus nuances, with a richer body and a long-lasting aftertaste.

As you can notice from the coffee tastings, you can obtain variable results in terms of body, acidity, sweetness, bitterness and taste your favourite aromas. With our multiboiler technology, is you, who gives value to coffee and create in the cup the perceptions that mirror your personality and your taste.

A revolutionary technology, unique in the coffee field.

Independent groups, endless possibilities