Keys to Cafe Management: Staffing

Nov 13, 2022

In 2022 Staffing shortages are plaguing a variety of businesses including cafes throughout Australia… but struggling to find an experienced barista is nothing new. 

While there are people seeking to become career baristas, the majority of those looking to work in a cafe are young and inexperienced, needing part-time work as they finish school. 

Generally, those who ARE  experienced career baristas are snapped up by larger companies seeking to put them into management or coffee training positions. These opportunities are a wonderful evolution for the career barista, but unfortunately for cafes, they further reduce the workforce pool that you have to choose from. 

Taking the time to train and educate your less-experienced staff on the art of making exceptional coffee is well worth the effort, even if they were hired to do something else, like wait tables or man the register. 

Hiring a trainer to come in and teach all of your staff how to use the coffee machine is a good step, but continuing to encourage practice sessions for the non-barista staff is vital if you want them to be able to step into the roll. Hospitality is unpredictable, and the more staff you have who can do the job well, the more secure your business's reputation. 

Dalla Corte’s Icon and XT Barista feature the option of using the DC system. The DC System, featuring the GCS (Grinder Control System), MCS (Milk Control System), and OCS (Online Control System) further assists new recruits in learning how to be better baristas by giving the Cafe owner the option to pre-set most variables to making coffee and streamlining the process for beginners.

Keys to Cafe Management: Staffing