Latte Art has never been this easy, with MCS – Milk Control System

Jul 24, 2019

Dalla Corte has the perfect cappuccino at heart and we want you to #makeitbetter, no matter what! Here in DC we developed a special steam wand, the Milk Control System (a.k.a. MCS). Thanks to new innovative features, this unique steam wand can make the smoothest foam by just inserting it into the standing pitcher!

To fully understand how amazing the MCS is, let’s see what happens when we are foaming our milk:

- the milk heats up into the metal pitcher

- the wand creates a vortex

- air is incorporated into the milk

Baristas should carefully balance these three steps by feeling the temperature with their hand on the metal pitcher, keeping the tip of the steam wand near the side of the pitcher, just below the milk surface, to create a vortex and moving it skilfully to better incorporate air.

With our MCS, temperature can be set directly on the coffee machine’s digital display and controlled by the probe attached to the steam wand. But the most innovative features of the MCS, may be the shape and the tip of the steam wand itself. The arm is specially designed to place the pitcher on the drip tray, while the nozzles on the tip are positioned in an asymmetrical shape, allowing the barista to achieve the ideal steaming vortex without moving a finger, or just one: to press the MCS button!

And since Dalla Corte always pays extra attention to details, we equipped our MCS with a small practical handle, to move the wand without any risk of burning your hands. This tool is perfect for busy coffee shop chains and barista newbies, because we want to make life easier.

Latte Art has never been this easy, with MCS – Milk Control System