Let Max grinder surprise you

Jul 16, 2020

Dalla Corte Max, grinder on demand – high-performance levels fit it into a compact and powerful burr grinder.

The best of design and reliability, thanks to the Dalla Corte exclusive 65mm flat steel burrs and the same power of our DC One and DC Two grinders, but in a smaller space that can perfectly fit on your kitchen counter or in an office breakroom.

With the automatic portafilter recognition for single and double shots and a 0.01 mm grind adjustment, you can trust the Dalla Corte Max to deliver perfect quality any given cup #makeitbetter


Width: 160 mm

Height: 510 mm

Depth: 250 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Burr speed: 1350 RPM

Bean hopper capacity: 600 grams

Grind speed: approx. 4 g/sec

Let Max grinder surprise you