Let’s learn how to properly store coffee

Aug 30, 2022

Let’s learn how to properly store coffee!

If we pull a poor-quality espresso, we happen to blame the blend selection, the grind-size, or the recipe we’ve dialed in: it can easily be that we haven’t stored our coffee the right way, altering taste and flavour of an excellent bag of coffee beans.

1. Only buy the amount of coffee you know you’ll get through in less than a month, or the air will cause the beans to oxidize and lose their original aroma.

2. Once you’ve opened the bag, transfer your coffee in an airtight container and store it in a dry place, far from any heat source.

Brewing at home is a great way of exploring your love for coffee, learning how to store it correctly will take you a step further in becoming a great home-barista! #beyourownbarista

Let’s learn how to properly store coffee