Let's talk about grinding, with Max

Sep 24, 2020

The world of specialty coffee is  progressively opening up to home brewers, thanks to the ever increasing number of coffee lovers who are gradually approaching home brewing more professionally and less as amateurs.

We often talk about espresso machines and perfectly consistent coffee extraction, but getting the grind right is just as important for the end result.

We recommend using a flat burr grinder - like the Dalla Corte Max! To maintain the coffee’s delicious oils and aromas, the beans need to be ground on the spot, hence, a grinder "on demand” such as Max is ideal.

A compact grinder with a professional soul like Max allows you to adjust your grind size up to a tenth of a millimetre - a precision that other home grinders cannot match. The manual adjustment is really simple and you can quickly change the grinding point if something goes wrong in your extraction.

Now you can work on your grind until you achieve the perfect consistency for the coffee you’ve chosen!

See you at the next step of our home-brewing journey! #beyourownbarista

Let's talk about grinding, with Max