Meet Gypsy Jones

May 19, 2022

A bustling university campus filled with students and staff would be utter chaos without the stimulating effects of delicious coffee. Luckily for the students at University of Wollongong, they have Gypsy Jones, an on-campus cafe that online reviewers have said has the, “Best Coffee on Campus!”

The softly lit space is glowing with vibrant shades of blue, purple, and pink. The three group Evo 2 on the counter mirrors the art on the wall, a larger than life mural featuring a woman’s face, her countenance the logo for Gypsy Jones.

The Evo 2 is an excellent choice for Gypsy Jones. Known for its signature “Dalla Corte'' consistency, energy saving capabilities, and of course, intentionally crafted ease of use in everything from the group handle to the steam wand, the Evo 2 is a reliable machine that even a beginner barista will have no difficulty using. 

Though the majority of the cafe’s patrons are Academics, Professional Staff, and of course Students of the University; a number of locals in the community have also discovered Gypsy Jones and regularly come for coffee, delicious eats, and the cafe’s catering services. 

With its relaxed vibe and artistic decor, It’s no surprise that many of the students at University of Wollongong view Gypsy Jones as a place of refuge, a hideaway to escape the pressure and hustle of student life.

Meet Gypsy Jones