Mina: better than a multigroup machine

May 19, 2017

Are you a dynamic barista, always looking for new technologies and solutions that can help you improve your coffee shop and enable you to offer your customers a unique experience? If so, here is Mina, our professional espresso machine equipped with a digital water flow regulation system.

Its exclusive app allows you to work with several independent extraction stations. The dedicated app gives you total control over the machine. You can manage more than just one Mina at the same time, passing from one to the other with a simple tap, directly from your device. You can set different extraction profiles for your coffees, save them in your personal collection and send them to the Minas you have in the coffee shop. In this way, you can serve different coffees and set the right extraction profile for each of them, in a moment.

You can also “play” with the same coffee, setting different profiles for each Mina: a new kind of interaction with your customers, who can taste the same blend or single origin with an ideal profile to enhance the aromas in the cup, for example sweetness or a pleasant acidity. A gift for your customers: a new coffee experience.

Moreover, having more Minas, you can decide to change their position in the coffee shop, creating independent coffee corners.
A traditional multigroup machine will never give you such flexibility and potential.

Smart, isn'it?

Mina: better than a multigroup machine