Mina: Flow profile in coffee extraction

Jan 21, 2017

Mina is the one-group professional espresso machine by Dalla Corte, which distinguishes for the possibility to set a new parameter: the extraction flow. An ambitious and innovative project, which allowed the creation of a solution to satisfy the creativity of demanding baristas.

A sophisticated and patented technology, the Digital Flow Regulation (DFR), which focuses on the personal sensorial experience. An extremely precise solution, which regulates the quantity of water on the coffee cake and allows to create your own coffee, step by step. The aim by Dalla Corte is to obtain variable results in the perception of aromatic flavours, and make users live customized experiences. It is possible, thanks to the app especially designed, to check all the variables of the machine and set the parameters from any devices. The user can create his/her flow profiles, inventing new “recipes” and enhancing the favourite aromas.